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Boise Finds Its Groove

Better food, better wine, breweries, and a dry mountain climate mean that this could be America’s next cool city

Another Eighth Street find was Wild Root Café and Market. Totally different from buzzy Juniper, Wild Root is into natural food with a big salad and vegetarian focus. That said, the ornate vegetable preparations can also be a side to a meat or fish protein. Thus, the prosaic name on the menu “lamb” is actually smoked leg cooked in a tagine with citrus, dried fruit, garlic hummus, cucumber olive relish, and flatbread. Octopus is served with pancetta, Padrón peppers, haricot vert, pistachio nuts, grilled rustic bread, radish, and citrus vinaigrette. Be aware they close early (8 p.m. on weekends), being run by husband and wife team Michael and Anne-Marie Trebbi.

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