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Branching Out: Couple’s Roots Bear Fruit at Wild Root Café & Market

branching-out-1Scroll through social media and you’re sure to stumble across a stunning shot snapped at Wild Root Café & Market, one of Boise’s most photogenic new haunts. The Eighth Street café specializes in artfully plated breakfast and lunch fare with a local, seasonal focus.

“I’m a visual person and I think it translates to the cuisine that we put forward,” said co-owner and chef Michael Trebbi. “Obviously I have an emphasis on presentation, to the frustration of my employees sometimes.”

Sunny-side-up eggs droop like a Dali painting down a shard of toasted baguette that’s crowned with a tuft of microgreens and paperthin radish coins. A mound of fluffy buckwheat pancakes looks like it screeched to a halt at the end of a rectangular plate, leaving streaks of sticky syrup and orange mascarpone in its wake.

“Our approach was to try to get as elegant a presentation as possible for breakfast and lunch, which I’ve always thought was lacking in the industry. … More often than not, when I would go out to have breakfast it was kind of boring to look at.”

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